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Conference Proceedings

All submitted conference papers will be blind peer reviewed by one competent reviewer. The conference abstracts book and certificate of presentation will be distributed to participants at the conference registration desk.

Journal Publications
All accepted registered papers will have the opportunity to be considered for publication in the conference associated journals. The following options will  available for publication of full length paper:

OPTION 1 – ISI Journal Web of Science ™ Core Collection
OPTION 2 – Scopus Indexed Journal

[The list of Scopus or ISI indexed journals will available by email request: “” ]

OPTION 3 – ERA/ABDC/ERIC/GeoRef/Agris/CAS Journal

OPTION 4 – International Peer Reviewed Journal [Indexing: DOI/CrossRef/Google Scholar/RePEc]

International Journal of Asian Social Science; Online ISSN: 2224-4441 – Print ISSN: 2226-5139
International Journal of Publication and Social Studies; Online ISSN: 2520-4491 – Print ISSN: 2520-4483
Humanities and Social Sciences Letters; Online ISSN: 2312-4318 – Print ISSN: 2312-5659
Journal of New Media and Mass Communication; Online ISSN: 2410-6585 – Print ISSN: 2413-841X
Asian Journal of Social Sciences and Management Studies; Online ISSN: 2313-7401 – Online ISSN: 2518-0096
American Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities; Online ISSN: 2520-5382
Global Journal of Social Sciences Studies; Online ISSN: 2518-0614
International Journal of Independent Research Studies; Online ISSN: 2226-4817
International Journal of Social and Administrative Sciences; Online ISSN: 2521-0556
International Journal of Business Strategy and Social Sciences
International Journal of Emerging Trends in Social Sciences 
International Journal of Social Sciences Perspectives
Asian Economic and Financial Review; Online ISSN: 2222-6737 – Print ISSN: 2305-2147
Asian Development Policy Review; Online ISSN: 2313-8343 – Print ISSN: 2518-2544
Asian Journal of Economic Modeling; Online ISSN: 2312-3656 – Print ISSN: 2313-2884
Financial Risk and Management Reviews; Online ISSN: 2411-6408 – Print ISSN: 2412-3404
International Journal of Business, Economics and Management; Online ISSN: 2312-0916 – Print ISSN: 2312-5772
International Journal of Public Policy and Administration Research; Online ISSN: 2312-6515 – Print ISSN: 2313-0423
International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Policy; Online ISSN: 2305-705X – Print ISSN: 2306-9929
Journal of Challenges; Online ISSN: 2410-6569 – Print ISSN: 2412-3471
Journal of Empirical Studies; Online ISSN: 2312-6248 – Print ISSN: 2312-623X
Journal of Social Economics Research; Online ISSN: 2312-6264 – Print ISSN: 2312-6329
Quarterly Journal of Econometrics Research; Online ISSN: 2411-0523 – Print ISSN: 2518-2536
The Economics and Finance Letters; Online ISSN: 2312-430X – Print ISSN: 2312-6310
Asian Journal of Economics and Empirical Research; Online ISSN: 2409-2622 – Print ISSN: 2518-010X
Asian Bulletin of Energy Economics and Technology; Online ISSN: 2313-819X – Print ISSN: 2518-0142
International Journal of Management and Sustainability; Online ISSN: 2306-0662 – Print ISSN: 2306-9856
Journal of Tourism Management Research; Online ISSN: 2313-4178 – Print ISSN: 2408-9117
Review of Knowledge Economy; Online ISSN: 2409-9449 – Print ISSN: 2412-3668
Economy; Online ISSN: 2313-8181 – Print ISSN: 2518-0118
Games Review; Online ISSN: 2520-7644
Eastern Journal of Economics and Finance; Online ISSN: 2305-9095
Energy Economics Letters; Online ISSN: 2308-2925
International Journal of Marketing Practices; Online ISSN: 2308-2755
International Journal of Economics, Business and Management Studies; Online ISSN: 2226-4809
Journal of Banking and Financial Dynamics
Asian Business Research Journal
Journal of Accounting, Business and Finance Research
International Journal of Economics and Financial Modelling
International Journal of Applied Economics, Finance and Accounting
International Journal of Education and Practice;Online ISSN: 2310-3868 – Print ISSN: 2311-6897
International Journal of Mathematical Research; Online ISSN: 2306-2223 – Print ISSN: 2311-7427
International Journal of English Language and Literature Studies; Online ISSN: 2306-0646 – Print ISSN: 2306-9910
Journal of Education and e-Learning Research; Online ISSN: 2306-2223 – Print ISSN: 2311-7427
Asian Journal of Education and Training; Online ISSN: 2519-5387
American Journal of Education and Learning; Online ISSN: 2518-6647
International Journal of Education, Training and Learning; ISSN: 2523-0581
World Journal of Vocational Education and Training
 International Journal of Educational Technology and Learning
Asian Journal of Contemporary Education
American Journal of Creative Education
International Journal of Social Sciences and English Literature

The journals are indexed by: